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Roofing & Siding Specialists

Get 37 years of unmatched quality for your remodeling needs.

We have the tools to make this happen fast.

You will be surprised at the quality of our workmanship, and the several options we have available. You should feel confident with the roof over your head. Why wait another day?

Our Most Common Roofing Services:

- New Roofs or Re-Roof
- Shingle, Flat or Asphalt Roofs
- Roof Ventilation
- Attic Fans
- Roof Repairs
- Chimney Flashings

New siding can transform your house and make it a home.

At Rivera Remodeling, LLC we want to see you have pride in your home. With over 37 years in the business our quality products and services will help make your dreams a reality.

Our Most Common Siding Services:

- Vinyl siding
- Soffits & Fascia
- Aluminum Trim

- We now offer Exterior Painting.

Summer Is Around the Corner!

At Rivera Remodeling, LLC we want to see you and your guests to love your home on the inside and the outside. Decks are also one of the strongest construction based investments you can make on your home.

Considering a Custom Deck Design? Our team will consult you on several deciding factors including the attaching structure, the landscaping, the level of desired shade, what kind of railings and most importantly, how much barbecuing you plan on doing!

Is your existing deck not living up to its full potential? Many new home purchases have much to be desired with the existing, poorly maintained deck. If this is the case, deck remodeling might be just the thing you need. Our team can help you re-examine, not just the visual aspects of your deck, but also its structural safety and integrity.

Our Most Common Decking Services:

- Deck Building
- Custom Deck Design
- Deck Remodeling
- Deck Repair

We also offer repairs on existing decks, but you should always call to check. If the repair is extremely minor, we may refer you to a local handyman.

Worried a new or updated kitchen is out of your price range? Think again!

In addition to our advice and opinion, we also have several references that can come in and talk to you about redoing your kitchen. All of these steps are done with your specific budget in mind.

With your already purchased appliances, we will bring life to your kitchen dream!

We also offer Interior Painting.


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